Free Conference Call Services - How to Maximize Your Impact With Free Conference Calling

How much does it cost you to use free conference call services? The short answer: Yes. Long answer: Generally, yes, but remember that not all free conference call services are created equal. First off, what exactly are free conference call services? These services are hosted by various companies, and the host company usually charges a fee to members for using their services. Some hosts charge monthly fees. However, there are hundreds of different options out there, and they are not all hard-core free. Some hosts allow you to call local, state, and even international numbers for small fees, sometimes as little as a dollar per month. Additionally, many hosts allow you to make unlimited conference calls for a flat monthly fee. So how can you tell if free conference call services are worth your while? Click to learn more about instant conference. The first thing you need to look at is how many minutes you think you'll need. If you're small business, these are not going to be minutes used every single day. However, if you're planning on having more than one person speak on the phone at once (whether you're doing live conference calls or just talking to a customer service representative), then you may want to find a service that provides great free conference call services. This way, you can have as many conference calls as you need, and you don't have to worry about high fees. Some free conference call services actually allow you to get video quality on your calls. Google recently added two features to its Google Hangouts service: recording and playback. Google Hangouts now allows you to pause, rewind, and replay your video, so if you've got something important that you need to get out in front of your team, it won't be missed. Google also recently added support for a new feature called document sharing. You can now record a presentation and upload it to Google Docs, which will be available for everyone to view. To get more info, click If you do the same with your webinar, people can just click a link on your webinar and be taken right into your presentation on their desktop, or they can download your presentation for later access. This is great for companies who provide training sessions or sales presentations, and who want to provide a document recording with the end-user as a reference. Another great feature of some of the free conference call services is the ability to invite members of the public to participate in your call. For example, if you were having a webinar on marketing strategies, you could invite your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers. Then, simply dial-in the numbers to connect with your audience. If you used a webinar script, your attendees would enter their names and e-mail addresses so that they could join your live event. This is a great way to build awareness and participation in your events. If you have an upcoming event, you might consider using some of these free conference call services to maximize your impact. Learn more from